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February 19, 2017
10 Italian execs found guilty over polluted water supply

Rome (AFP) Feb 17, 2017
Ten former executives with Italian chemicals firm Montedison were found guilty Friday on appeal of allowing industrial waste to pollute the water supply of 700,000 people in the central eastern region of Pescara. Friday's court decision opens the way for a civil case which could lead to payment of some 2.7 million euros ($2.9 million) in damages and interest plus a further million in court costs. Montedison, now known as Edison, stood accused of burying as much as 250,000 tons of toxic and indus ... read more

Nicaragua focuses on climate-change resistant coffee
Managua (AFP) Feb 17, 2017
With climate change threatening crops in many parts of the world, Nicaragua is turning to a robust variety of coffee bean to protect one of its key exports. ... more
Study rewrites the history of corn in corn country
Champaign IL (SPX) Feb 15, 2017
A new study contradicts decades of thought, research and teaching on the history of corn cultivation in the American Bottom, a floodplain of the Mississippi River in Illinois. The study refutes the ... more
Mongolia herders reel under dreaded 'dzud' weather
Beijing (AFP) Feb 16, 2017
Thousands of Mongolian herders face disastrous livestock losses from a dreaded severe weather phenomenon known as the "dzud", the Red Cross said Thursday in launching an international emergency aid appeal. ... more
Gluten-free diet may increase risk of arsenic, mercury exposure
Chicago IL (SPX) Feb 14, 2017
People who eat a gluten-free diet may be at risk for increased exposure to arsenic and mercury - toxic metals that can lead to cardiovascular disease, cancer and neurological effects, according to a ... more
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Using high-resolution satellites to measure African farm yields
Stanford CA (SPX) Feb 14, 2017
Stanford researchers have developed a new way to estimate crop yields from space, using high-res photos snapped by a new wave of compact satellites. The approach, detailed in the February 13 issue o ... more
Grow, mow, mulch: Finding lawn's value
Washington DC (SPX) Feb 10, 2017
Cranking up the lawn mower on a Saturday afternoon may be a child's most dreaded chore. But little does he or she know that it also affects how much carbon and nitrogen are present in the soil below ... more
NASA studies growing Louisiana deltas
Pasadena CA (JPL) Feb 10, 2017
The Louisiana coastline is sinking under the Gulf of Mexico at the rate of about one football field of land every hour (about 18 square miles of land lost in a year). But within this sinking region, ... more
China villagers 'beat the Buddha' for a good harvest
Longyang, China (AFP) Feb 11, 2017
Beating a rock statue of Buddha to wish for a good new year and an abundant harvest, villagers in China's eastern Fujian province have a unique way of worshipping the deity. ... more
Endangered species listing for bumble bee delayed by Trump admin
Washington (UPI) Feb 10, 2017
In a move announced Thursday in the Federal Registrar, President Donald Trump and his administration have delayed the inclusion of the rusty patched bumble bee on the endangered species list. ... more
Sticky gels turn insect-sized drones into artificial pollinators
Washington DC (SPX) Feb 10, 2017
As bees slip onto the endangered species list in the United States, researchers in Japan are pollinating lilies with insect-sized drones. The undersides of these artificial pollinators are coated wi ... more

Controlling electron spin makes water splitting more efficient

Syngenta says profits down as ChemChina takeover looms
Zurich (AFP) Feb 8, 2017
Swiss pesticide and seed giant Syngenta said Wednesday that restructuring costs hit 2016 earnings, even as its planned takeover by ChemChina looks set to be completed by the middle of the year. ... more
Cape Town pools crack down on splashing as drought bites
Cape Town (AFP) Feb 8, 2017
Cape Town on Wednesday announced a crackdown on splashing and surfer shorts at the city's swimming pools in a bid to save water as a fierce drought plagues Southern Africa. ... more
Miracle crop: Can quinoa help feed the world?
Paris (AFP) Feb 8, 2017
Scientists on Wednesday unveiled the near-complete genome of quinoa, a grain cultivated centuries ago by Incas in the Andes that scientists say could help feed a hungry world. ... more
Students brew beer using 5,000-year-old recipe from China
Palo Alto, Calif. (UPI) Feb 8, 2017
Many college students - if desperate enough, or late enough - aren't above settling for skunked beer, a can that sat out in the sun for too long, for example. But few have tasted the funky notes of a home-brewed jar of suds inspired by ancient Chinese beer-making techniques. ... more

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Beijing MST Radar detection of the lower, middle and upper atmosphere
Beijing, China (SPX) Feb 14, 2017
Beijing MST (Mesosphere-Stratosphere-Troposphere) Radar is one of the largest facilities within the Chinese Meridian Project (a chain of diverse ground-based remote sensing facilities for monitoring and forecasting the space environment), and is one of only two domestic MST radars. It was built by the Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and is located at th ... more
Paris (ESA) Feb 17, 2017
Sentinel-2 teams prepare for space
Tel Aviv, Israel (SPX) Feb 15, 2017
Ancient Judea jars reveal earth's magnetic field is fluctuating, not diminishing
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Feb 14, 2017
New data from NOAA GOES-16's instrument suite
GLONASS station in India to expedite 'space centric' warfare command
New Delhi (Sputnik) Feb 15, 2017
In the event of an all-out war with Pakistan or China, signals from GLONASS and NAVIC will undoubtedly have multiplier impact and help India to target its whole suite of missiles on its rivals. Amid buzzword of 'Cold Doctrine' and delay in obtaining dedicated frequency band for military satellite, India has stepped up effort to provide sufficient number of satellites to Indian military with the ... more
Canberra, Australia (SPX) Feb 14, 2017
Australia and Lockheed field 2nd-Gen sat-based augmentation system
Moscow (Sputnik) Feb 14, 2017
UK may lose access to EU Galileo GPS system after Brexit
Leuven, Beligium (SPX) Feb 14, 2017
Falsifying Galileo satellite signals will become more difficult
How much biomass grows in the savannah
Jena, Germany (SPX) Feb 17, 2017
Savannahs form one of the largest habitats in the world, covering around one-fifth of the Earth's land area. They are mainly to be found in sub-Saharan Africa. Savannahs are home not only to unique wildlife, including the 'Big Five' - the African elephant, rhinoceros, Cape buffalo, leopard and lion - but also to thousands of endemic plant species such as the baobab, or monkey bread tree. " ... more
Wageningen, Netherlands (SPX) Feb 10, 2017
Why nature restoration takes time
Gambier OH (SPX) Feb 07, 2017
Wetlands play vital role in carbon storage, study finds
Miami (AFP) Feb 6, 2017
Amazon forest was transformed by ancient people: study
Alberta backing bioenergy programs
Edmonton, Alberta (UPI) Feb 10, 2017
The provincial government of Alberta said it was creating new jobs by offering funding to support bioenergy and a low-carbon future. The government said it was offering up to $45 million to support a bioenergy producer program aimed at deriving fuels from crops and livestock waste. The industry already powers the equivalent of 200,000 average households in Alberta and contributes ... more
Syracuse NY (SPX) Feb 01, 2017
A better way to farm algae
Leiden, The Netherlands (SPX) Jan 31, 2017
DuPont Industrial Biosciences to develop new high-efficiency biogas enzyme method
Hong Kong (AFP) Jan 31, 2017
Cathay Pacific to cut emissions with switch to biofuel
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Printable solar cells just got a little closer
Toronto, Canada (SPX) Feb 17, 2017
A U of T Engineering innovation could make printing solar cells as easy and inexpensive as printing a newspaper. Dr. Hairen Tan and his team have cleared a critical manufacturing hurdle in the development of a relatively new class of solar devices called perovskite solar cells. This alternative solar technology could lead to low-cost, printable solar panels capable of turning nearly any surface ... more
Washington (UPI) Feb 14, 2017
Governors tell Trump that China will reap low-carbon rewards
Brisbane, Australia (SPX) Feb 14, 2017
First Solar Awarded 140Mw Module Supply Contract For Australia'S Largest Solar Project
Seoul, South Korea (SPX) Feb 14, 2017
Accelerated chlorophyll reaction in microdroplets to reveal secret of photosynthesis
Michigan meets renewable energy targets
Lansing, Mich. (UPI) Feb 16, 2017
All electric service providers in Michigan met their renewable energy targets, with wind contributing most to the green economy, a public commission found. "The combined efforts of the electric providers, renewable energy project developers, communities hosting renewable energy projects, renewable energy advocates and many others have contributed to the effective implementation of Michi ... more
Stavanger, Norway (UPI) Feb 9, 2017
British grid drawing power from new offshore wind farm
Milan, Italy (SPX) Jan 31, 2017
Prysmian UK to supply land cable connections for East Anglia ONE offshore wind farm
Moscow (AFP) Jan 31, 2017
Russia's nuclear giant pushes into wind energy
EU must shut coal plants by 2030 to meet climate pledge: study
Brussels (AFP) Feb 9, 2017
The European Union must close all 315 of its coal-fired power plants by 2030 in order to meet its commitments under the Paris climate agreement, a research institute said Thursday. The goal set at the December 2015 Paris conference to maintain average temperature increases to less than two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) over pre-industrial levels requires the gradual closure of EU ... more
Canberra, Australia (UPI) Feb 7, 2017
Do more to advance CCS, BHP Billiton says
Beijing (UPI) Feb 6, 2017
Beijing's mayor vows step away from coal
Warsaw (AFP) Feb 5, 2017
Smog chokes coal-addicted Poland
Villagers glorify their children in China festival
Tufang, China (AFP) Feb 16, 2017
Looking like living dress-up dolls, elaborately costumed children are paraded through an eastern China village as firecrackers roar, commemorating the end of barbaric child sacrifices hundreds of years ago. It's an annual event in the village of Tufang in coastal Fujian province, where China's Hakka community is concentrated and marks its unique history with a range of colourful festivals. ... more
Beijing (AFP) Feb 16, 2017
Ex-VP of China's top court jailed for life over graft
Hong Kong (AFP) Feb 17, 2017
Hong Kong police jailed over attack on democracy protester
Taipei (AFP) Feb 14, 2017
Fear has made me stronger: Hong Kong bookseller
Military Radar Summit 2017
Will androids dream of quantum sheep?
Singapore (SPX) Feb 14, 2017
The word 'replicant' evokes thoughts of a sci-fi world where society has replaced common creatures with artificial machines that replicate their behaviour. Now researchers from Singapore have shown that if such machines are ever created, they'll run more efficiently if they harness quantum theory to respond to the environment. This follows the findings of a team from the Centre for Quantum ... more
Washington (AFP) Feb 11, 2017
How algorithms secretly run the world
Chicago IL (SPX) Feb 14, 2017
Now you can 'build your own' bio-bot
Paris (AFP) Feb 11, 2017
Algorithms: the managers of our digital lives
Polluted Indian lake catches fire
Bangalore, India (AFP) Feb 17, 2017
Toxic smoke billowed Friday from a lake in India's technology capital Bangalore after the polluted water caught fire, with residents lamenting authorities' alleged inaction over the blighted environment. The fire erupted late Thursday after a nearby pile of burning trash apparently caused chemical effluents on Bellandur lake to burst into flames. TV footage showed thick grey plumes of s ... more
Washington (AFP) Feb 17, 2017
Trump's pick to head environment agency confirmed
New Delhi (AFP) Feb 14, 2017
Deaths from India air pollution rival China: study
Miami FL (SPX) Feb 14, 2017
New study helps explain how garbage patches form in the world's oceans
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Australia fires ease as damage mounts after record heat
Sydney (AFP) Feb 13, 2017
Australia was counting the cost to property and livestock Monday after firefighters battled weekend blazes in some of the hottest conditions on record. At least 19 homes were destroyed in eastern Australia as emergency teams were sent out to assess the damage after a "catastrophic" weekend saw over 100 fire outbreaks, with 2,500 firefighters deployed and thousands more on standby. About ... more
Albany CA (SPX) Feb 07, 2017
Vegetation resilient to salvage logging after severe wildfire
Hobart, Australia (SPX) Feb 07, 2017
Research predicts extreme fires will increasingly be part of our global landscape
Santiago (AFP) Jan 29, 2017
More than 40 detained in Chile for spreading forest fires
Subsea mining moves closer to shore
Kiel, Germany (SPX) Feb 10, 2017
The demand for raw materials is rising continuously, forcing mining companies to use lower-grade ores and to explore at greater depths. This could lead to a decline in production in the coming decades. Many industrialized economies also depend on imports of metals for their high-tech industries. Some of these metals occur in ore deposits that are found only in a few countries. In order to ... more
Addis Ababa (AFP) Feb 14, 2017
Ethiopia dam causes Kenya water shortage: rights group
Rome (AFP) Feb 17, 2017
10 Italian execs found guilty over polluted water supply
Boston (AFP) Feb 16, 2017
Seagrass on decline, jeopardizing human, coral health: study
Develop commercial strategies for the global deployment of SMRs and Advanced Reactors
Extreme heat threatens desert songbirds
Albuquerque (UPI) Feb 14, 2017
A number of songbird species make their living in some of the most precarious places on Earth - deserts. As global warming pushes temperatures higher and extreme heat waves occur more frequently, deserts are becoming even more inhospitable. In a new study, researchers calculated how extreme heat waves affect the risk of death by dehydration faced by five desert songbird species in the ... more
University Park PA (SPX) Feb 08, 2017
Broader updrafts in severe storms may increase chance of damaging hail
Los Angeles (AFP) Jan 24, 2017
California state of emergency over storm damage
Dhaka (AFP) Jan 24, 2017
Bangladesh plants million trees to cut lightning toll
IAI completes IUHDSS port security project in India
Bengaluru, India (UPI) Feb 14, 2017
Israel Aerospace Industries has completed and delivered its Integrated Underwater Harbor Defense and Surveillance System project for India's navy. The project, also known as IUHDSS, is designed to provide India with enhanced surveillance and patrol capabilities to protect the country's 4,670-mile coastline. The solution was developed by IAI subsidiary Elta Systems, and includes u ... more
Washington (AFP) Feb 16, 2017
Trump trade strategy 'doomed to failure:' US trade expert
Strasbourg, France (AFP) Feb 15, 2017
EU Parliament to vote on Canada trade deal
Beijing (AFP) Feb 16, 2017
China outbound investment plunges under new curbs
What happened to the sun over 7,000 years ago?
Nagoya, Japan (SPX) Feb 08, 2017
An international team led by researchers at Nagoya University, along with US and Swiss colleagues, has identified a new type of solar event and dated it to the year 5480 BC; they did this by measuring carbon-14 levels in tree rings, which reflect the effects of cosmic radiation on the atmosphere at the time. They have also proposed causes of this event, thereby extending knowledge of how the sun ... more
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Feb 03, 2017
NASA Scientist Studies Whether Solar Storms Cause Animal Beachings
Palm Coast FL (SPX) Feb 08, 2017
Friday Night's Deep Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Feb 07, 2017
Eclipse 2017: NASA Supports a Unique Opportunity for Science in the Shadow
Indonesian orangutan brutally killed and eaten
Jakarta (AFP) Feb 16, 2017
A critically endangered Bornean orangutan has been shot dead, hacked to pieces and eaten by workers after straying onto an Indonesian palm oil plantation, police and activists said Thursday. Police have formally named three male suspects in the brutal killing in Kapuas Hulu district, in the Indonesian part of Borneo island, while another seven are being questioned as witnesses to the crime. ... more
New Brunswick NJ (SPX) Feb 14, 2017
How evolution alters biological invasions
Karnataka, India (UPI) Feb 16, 2017
Scientists find surprising harmony among cats and dogs in India
Athens, Ga. (UPI) Feb 14, 2017
Geneticists reveal how parenting rewires the beetle brain

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