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December 17, 2017
How much soil goes get washed down the drain

Basel, Switzerland (SPX) Dec 18, 2017
According to a new study by the University of Basel, the European Commission - Joint Research Centre and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH, UK), almost 36 billion tons of soil is lost every year due to water, and deforestation and other changes in land use make the problem worse. The study also offers ideas on how agriculture can change to become a part of the solution from being part of the problem Soil is an essential resource for satisfying human needs, such as food and feed production, ... read more

In food waste fight, Brits turn bread into beer
Driffield, United Kingdom (AFP) Dec 12, 2017
At a brewery nestled in rolling farmland in northern England, the process of making beer begins with dropping dozens of unwanted loaf ends, thrown away by a sandwich factory, into a large stainless steel tank. ... more
India faces painful move to cleaner energy
Uncha Amirpur, India (AFP) Dec 10, 2017
Subedar Singh bears the scars of India's painful reliance on dirty power and its struggle to pay for the costly transition to the brave new world of solar and renewable electricity. ... more
Meadows beat out shrubs when it comes to storing carbon
Trondheim, Norway (SPX) Dec 12, 2017
Excess carbon dioxide, emitted by burning fossil fuels like coal and petroleum, is one of the most important factors in driving global warming. While the world is focused on controlling global warmi ... more
Uncovering varied pathways to agriculture
Rehovot, Israel (SPX) Dec 12, 2017
Around 15,000 years ago, the Natufian culture appeared in what is today's Middle East. This culture, which straddled the border between nomadic and settled lifestyles, had diverse, complex origins - ... more
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Archaeologist says fire, not corn, key to prehistoric survival in arid Southwest
Cincinnati OH (SPX) Dec 12, 2017
Conventional wisdom holds that prehistoric villagers planted corn, and lots of it, to survive the dry and hostile conditions of the American Southwest. But University of Cincinnati archaeology ... more
US transportation and water infrastructure not broken
Santa Monica, CA (SPX) Dec 11, 2017
Transportation and water infrastructure funding and finance in the United States are not nearly as dire as some believe, but a national consensus on infrastructure priorities, accompanied by targete ... more
Soil researchers quantify an underappreciated factor in carbon release to the atmosphere
Amherst MA (SPX) Dec 11, 2017
Soil plays a critical role in global carbon cycling, in part because soil organic matter stores three times more carbon than the atmosphere. Now biogeochemist Marco Keiluweit at the University of Ma ... more
Shining a light on plant growth and development
Riverside CA (SPX) Dec 12, 2017
Plants don't have eyes, but they do "see" their surroundings using light. That's made possible by proteins called photoreceptors that absorb light and convert it into a signal that turns genes ... more
NASA, University of Maryland Join Forces on Food Security
College Park MD (SPX) Dec 08, 2017
NASA has tapped the University of Maryland to lead a new consortium focused on putting satellite data to use to enhance food security and agriculture around the world. The Earth Observations f ... more
Drought-resistant plant genes could accelerate evolution of water-use efficient crops
Oak Ridge TN (SPX) Dec 07, 2017
Scientists at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory have identified a common set of genes that enable different drought-resistant plants to survive in semi-arid conditions, which ... more

Drought behind worsening power outages in Malawi

What makes soil, soil? Researchers find hidden clues in DNA
Manchester UK (SPX) Dec 06, 2017
Ever wondered what makes a soil, soil? And could soil from the Amazon rainforest really be the same as soil from your garden? Researchers at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW) an ... more
Light green plants save nitrogen without sacrificing photosynthetic efficiency
Champaign IL (SPX) Dec 06, 2017
The top leaves of crops absorb far more light than they can use, starving lower leaves of light. Scientists designed plants with light green leaves with hopes of allowing more light to penetrate the ... more
Robotic device tracks plant growth at the cellular level
Washington DC (SPX) Dec 06, 2017
Plant scientists have a new tool in their toolkit. The automated confocal micro-extensometer (ACME) - developed by a team of researchers in Europe and the US - allows scientists to measure spatial v ... more
Perk up, Shanghai: Crowds throng world's biggest Starbucks
Shanghai (AFP) Dec 6, 2017
Starbucks opened its largest cafe in the world in Shanghai on Wednesday as the US-based beverage giant bets big on the burgeoning coffee culture of a country traditionally known for tea-drinking. ... more

'Smoke rings' in the ocean spotted from space
Liverpool UK (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
Researchers from the University of Liverpool have spotted the equivalent of smoke-rings in the ocean which they think could 'suck-up' small marine creatures and carry them at high speed and for long distances across the ocean. The ocean is full of eddies, swirling motions some tens to hundreds of kilometres across, which mix the water and carry it across the average currents. The 'sm ... more
Boulder CO (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
Space Mystery Solved by Student Satellite
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Dec 18, 2017
Scientists share various perspectives on ozone layer recovery
Laurel MD (SPX) Dec 15, 2017
APL Monitoring Instrument Rides into Space
Arianespace's second Ariane 5 launch for the Galileo constellation and Europe
Kourou, French Guiana (ESA) Dec 11, 2017
For its 11th launch of the year, and the sixth Ariane 5 liftoff from the Guiana Space Center (CSG) in French Guiana during 2017, Arianespace will orbit four more satellites for the Galileo constellation. This mission is being performed on behalf of the European Commission under a contract with the European Space Agency (ESA). For the second time, an Ariane 5 ES version will be used t ... more
Paris (ESA) Dec 11, 2017
Galileo satellites atop rocket for next Tuesday's flight
Washington (UPI) Dec 5, 2017
Air Force tests Raytheon's GPS receiver aboard B-2 bomber
Paris (ESA) Dec 05, 2017
Space technology to drive autonomous ships
African deforestation not as great as feared
New Haven CT (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
The loss of forests in Africa in the past century is substantially less than previously estimated, an analysis of historical records and paleontology evidence by Yale researchers shows. Previous estimates put deforestation at 35% to 55% on the continent since 1900. The new analysis estimates closed-canopy forests have shrunk by 21.7%, according to findings published Dec. 11 in the journal ... more
Munich, Germany (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
Cascading use is also beneficial for wood
New York NY (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
New maps show shrinking wilderness being ignored at our peril
Vancouver, Canada (SPX) Dec 11, 2017
Forests are the key to fresh water
Bristol scientists turn beer into fuel
Bristol UK (SPX) Dec 12, 2017
Chemists at the University of Bristol have made the first steps towards making sustainable petrol using beer as a key ingredient. It is commonly accepted that there is an urgent need for sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels for transportation to replace diesel and petrol. One of the most widely used sustainable alternatives to petrol world-wide is bioethanol - in the United State ... more
Golden CO (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
NREL develops novel method to produce renewable acrylonitrile
Edinburgh UK (SPX) Dec 12, 2017
Algae could feed and fuel planet with aid of new high-tech tool
Golden CO (SPX) Dec 13, 2017
NREL research finds a sweet spot for engineering better cellulose-degrading enzymes
Guanidinium stabilizes perovskite solar cells at 19 percent efficiency
Lausanne, Switzerland (SPX) Dec 12, 2017
With the power-conversion efficiency of silicon solar cells plateauing around 25%, perovskites are now ideally placed to become the market's next generation of photovoltaics. In particular, organic-inorganic lead halide perovskites offer manufacturing versatility that can potentially translate into much higher efficiency: studies have already shown photovoltaic performances above 20% acros ... more
Uncha Amirpur, India (AFP) Dec 10, 2017
India faces painful move to cleaner energy
Warwick UK (SPX) Dec 12, 2017
Solar power advances possible with new 'double-glazing' device
Washington (UPI) Dec 14, 2017
U.S. solar power group says it sees headwinds ahead
Construction to start on $160 million Kennedy Energy Park in North Queensland
Canberra, Australia (SPX) Dec 13, 2017
Construction of the first utility-scale wind, solar and storage hybrid generator connected to the national electricity network is set to start near Hughenden in North West Queensland. The first sod of soil will be turned at a ceremony on Monday 11 December. The ceremony marks the start of work on the innovative $160 million Kennedy Park Energy developed by Windlab Limited - Australia's int ... more
Washington (UPI) Dec 14, 2017
Oil-rich Alberta sees momentum for wind energy
Washington (UPI) Nov 30, 2017
U.S. wind turbines getting taller and more efficient
Washington (UPI) Nov 22, 2017
New wind farm in service off the British coast
The Last Free American Board Game
Scientists develop new mode of energy generation from bituminous coal
Yekaterinburg, Russia (SPX) Dec 18, 2017
Bituminous coal comprises over 90% of organic fuels in the lithosphere of the Earth. By burning coal and other fossil fuels one can get electrical power (which is mainly happening at HPPs). However, the existing generation methods are not efficient, bad for the environment, and extremely resource-demanding (i.e. producing a lot of waste). Coal production and burning lead to soil and air pollutio ... more
Bonn (AFP) Nov 16, 2017
Battle lines drawn over coal at UN climate talks
Bonn (AFP) Nov 16, 2017
Anti-coal drive at UN climate talks stalked by pro-coal White House
Hambach Coal Mine, Near Niederzier, Germany (AFP) Nov 5, 2017
Protest at open-pit coal mine near Bonn ahead of UN climate talks
Three men jailed over Hong Kong explosives plot
Hong Kong (AFP) Dec 15, 2017
Three men were jailed in Hong Kong Friday for possessing and conspiring to make explosives ahead of a contentious 2015 vote on political reform. The trio, who were found guilty last month, were sentenced to up to three years and 10 months in prison as the judge said they had embarked on "a very dangerous path". They were detained at a time of heightened political tension in Hong Kong in ... more
Beijing (AFP) Dec 15, 2017
Bustling Beijing migrant area turns into ghost town
Shanghai (AFP) Dec 13, 2017
Poisoned syringes fired at pet dogs for China meat trade
Beijing (AFP) Dec 14, 2017
Chinese dissident's widow sends desperate letter
Aerospace's SeedTECH AI advances to second round of $5M IBM Watson XPRIZE
El Segundo CA (SPX) Dec 13, 2017
The Aerospace Corporation's (Aerospace) SeedTECH Artificial Intelligence (AI) team is one of 59 teams out of 147 that are advancing to the second round of the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE - a $5 million AI and cognitive computing global competition. SeedTECH AI will take on the grand challenge of designing an AI that can dream. "We're thrilled that Aerospace's all-volunteer team progressed to the ... more
Ithaca NY (SPX) Dec 18, 2017
Engineers program tiny robots to move, think like insects
Washington (UPI) Dec 8, 2017
Speedy cockroaches help researchers train robots to walk
Moscow (Sputnik) Dec 13, 2017
Not Your Grandpa's Robot: Russian Robot 'FEDOR' May Become Self-Learning
Heavy air pollution shuts schools in Iran
Tehran (AFP) Dec 17, 2017
Iran shut schools around Tehran Sunday and cancelled sporting events as thick smog blanketed the capital despite curbs on road traffic and industrial activity. The authorities shuttered primary schools in the province of Tehran, home to 14 million residents, before ordering them to remain closed on Monday. All sports competitions set for Monday were also cancelled, as restrictions on ro ... more
Geneva (AFP) Dec 13, 2017
UN warns of surging e-waste, little recycling
Argonne IL (SPX) Dec 18, 2017
Clearing the air
Skopje (AFP) Dec 15, 2017
Macedonian capital chokes in polluted air
International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit 2018 - March 27-28 - Atlanta USA
Biggest LA fire spreading more slowly as survivors pick up the pieces
Los Angeles (AFP) Dec 12, 2017
Crews battling wildfires ravaging southern California for a week have managed to slow the spread of the worst of the blazes, officials said Tuesday, as residents were taking stock of the catastrophic damage. The biggest "Thomas" fire has charred nearly 95,000 hectares (234,000 acres) of land and is only 20 percent contained, according to the state agency Calfire. But in the past day or s ... more
Los Angeles (AFP) Dec 15, 2017
Firefighter killed in massive California blaze
Houston TX (SPX) Dec 18, 2017
After the fire, charcoal goes against the grain, with the flow
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Dec 18, 2017
NASA's Aqua satellite captures smoke billowing off California coast
New mechanism to explain how El Nino influences East Asian and WN Pacific climate
Beijing, China (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
Western North Pacific anomalous anticyclone (WNPAC, or referred to as Philippine Sea anomalous anticyclone) is the most important anomalous circulation pattern connecting El Nin~o and East Asian-western North Pacific monsoon. WNPAC begins from the El Nin~o mature winter to the following summer and thus is one of the most long-lasting anomalous circulation patterns over the entire tropical ... more
Boston MA (SPX) Dec 13, 2017
Researchers establish long-sought source of ocean methane
Washington (UPI) Dec 13, 2017
Sea levels will rise, but scientists not sure how high
Washington DC (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
Southern Ocean drives massive bloom of tiny phytoplankton
Global, Asian heat waves in 2016 due purely to climate change: study
Miami (AFP) Dec 13, 2017
Last year's global heat record, extreme heat in Asia and unusually warm waters off the coast of Alaska happened purely because the planet is getting warmer due to human activities like burning fossil fuels, a study said Wednesday. The findings mark the first time that global scientists have identified severe weather that could not have happened without climate change, said the peer-reviewed ... more
Jakarta (AFP) Nov 28, 2017
At least 11 dead as floods and landslide hit Indonesia
London, Canada (SPX) Nov 29, 2017
High-altitude turbulence data could add 20-minute warning window to tornados
Los Angeles (AFP) Nov 22, 2017
US southwest sizzles as experts predict record Thanksgiving
Britain, China speed up bid to link stock markets
Beijing (AFP) Dec 16, 2017
China and Britain look forward to a "new period of historic opportunity" to deepen cooperation post-Brexit, officials said Saturday, as they accelerated plans to connect the London and Shanghai stock markets. Visiting British finance minister Philip Hammond has been cozying up to Beijing, with the relationship between the two countries growing in importance as the UK contemplates its economi ... more
Marseille (AFP) Dec 13, 2017
Sweet victory: French candymakers win China legal war
Tokyo (AFP) Dec 15, 2017
Japan firm says it will pay part of salaries in Bitcoin
Beijing (AFP) Dec 8, 2017
China exports surge in November as trade tensions flare
Daily Newsletters - Space - Military - Environment - Energy
Space weather, EarthScope, and protecting the national electrical grid
New Orleans LA (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
It's not often geology and national security wind up in the same sentence. Most people don't think about electrical power in connection to either the ground under their feet or solar flares overhead, but Dr. Adam Schultz of Oregon State University, and EarthScope Magnetotelluric Program Lead Scientist, says that connection presents a clear and present risk that power utilities need to consider ... more
Washington DC (SPX) Dec 18, 2017
Eclipse 2017: Science from the Moon's Shadow
Boulder CO (SPX) Dec 11, 2017
CU Boulder solar instruments, experiments headed for space
New York NY (SPX) Dec 11, 2017
Mount Sinai researchers use breakthrough technology to understand eclipse eye damage
Australian lizards are eating the eggs of endangered loggerhead turtles
Washington (UPI) Dec 14, 2017
Feral foxes are no longer the archenemies of would-be loggerhead turtle moms at the second biggest nesting beach in northeast Australia. The title now belongs to the yellow-spotted goanna. Over the last few decades, scientists have observed the Australia lizard develop a taste for the eggs of the endangered loggerhead turtle. Goannas now frequently raid turtle nests on the Queensland ne ... more
Los Angeles CA (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
Scientists reveal rules for making ribs
Atlanta GA (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
When physics gives evolution a leg up by breaking one
Kuala Lumpur (AFP) Dec 15, 2017
Pangolin traffickers opening up new routes: study
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